Ashlie Marie

Welcome to the soul-stirring world of Ashlie Marie,

Hailing from Metro Detroit, Michigan, Ashlie Marie discovered her love for singing, at an early age, setting her on a musical journey that embraces the beauty of diverse genres.

With a heart tuned to the melodies of gospel, Ashlie Marie has not only found her voice but has also shared it as a background vocalist for luminaries like JJ Hairston, Chandler Moore, Christina Bell, Jonathan Dunn, Vashaun Mitchell, and others. Her music transcends boundaries, weaving together elements of her life’s journey to create a tapestry of uplifting and soulful sounds.

Immerse yourself in the heartfelt resonance of Ashlie Marie's music—a testament to her deep-rooted passion and unwavering commitment to spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Join her on this spiritual and melodious odyssey as she continues to inspire, uplift, and ultimately transform lives.

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